TV’s ascending LGBT existence critical to rights: advancement group

Drama sequel “Pose” and a new transgender superhero in “Supergirl” has helped improve the number of LGBTQ role to an all-time high on United States television. This was according to the report that was released on Thursday that also says that diversity programming was a momentous bulwark around attempts to weaken gay rights. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD president said in a statement: “With anti-LGBTQ policies being debated here and abroad, the stories and characters on television are more critical than ever before to build understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people,”“Shows like ‘Will & Grace,’ ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Empire’ and ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ all attract millions of viewers weekly and demonstrate that audiences are hungry for new stories,”

The yearly report has showed that 8.8 percent of regular roles on television are LGBTQ, the topmost percentage since GLAAD started monitoring the issue 14 years ago. According to the report that GLAAD is campaigning in order to evaluate LGBTQ characters make up 10% of sequel regulars on television by year 2020. The series of FX “Pose” all about the underground ball history in New York in year 1980s, it features the biggest ever number of transgender roles making regular presence on a scripted television series.  According to the report that was released on Thursday that the diversity was not limited to streaming and pointing to CBS authority drama “Instinct” casting the bisexual actor named Alan Cumming who played as a former CIA officer in the lead.

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