“SEA” a japanese film that was all about revenge after sexual assault

A teenage man who suffers years of anguish after he failed to stop the rape of a young school girl in the “SEA”. Sea if a film or redemption and revenge by a new Japanese director Kensei Takahashi. The  movie started developing before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke on the previous year. Takashi said during a press conference: “The thing I wanted to say most is that people are very indifferent about things that are happening to other people,”

“SEA” is a story of a school girl named Rie (Arisa Sato) who was sexually assaulted by Kengo and Tatsuya in a boat shed on the sea but she is so weak to stop them. The said crime has been reported and the victim immediately leaves the town. The director said: “They say you’re ‘new’ until your second film and that the second one is really important. So I want mine to be symbolic of me and hope to get into next year’s main competition section,” The director has made the movie as his university graduation movie but he is already competing against established movie makers in the festival’s Splash section for Japanese independent movie, featuring the potential of the director. The director has already imagined a thriller-style movie with the young girls as the main character of the film but later on he decided to take a male lead so that he could better understand, according to that it helped him to deepen the whole story & also address themes like abandonment.

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