Rock band Kiss member promised a farewell concert tour

According to the report that members of the rock band kiss promised a farewell concert tour this coming January before they wanted to say goodbye. Kiss are known because of their big hair, makeup and outrageous costumes.The band was one of the biggest acts of the 1970s. Gene Simmons, 64-year-old singer and bassist said:“How pathetic and sad would it be to see the band, and you’ve seen lots of them, (where) you remember their glory days and they’re out there a little bit too long,” Mr Simmons also added:“We have too much pride and self-respect in us, and too much love for our fans, to not live up to our self-imposed mandate,” “You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world.”

It has been reported that the said tourt will began this coming January 31 in Vancouver. It is predicted to last 2-3 years and would expected to extend worldwide. Simmons said: “Earth is a big place and we’re going to go to every corner,” Stanley said: “I guarantee that the people who come that have never seen us before are going to say ‘Why did we wait so long?’,” “because this is going to be bombastic, explosive, unapologetic and a celebration of everything we’ve done.” He also added: The word ‘bittersweet’ doesn’t really enter into it,”“For us, it’s a celebration. We want to go out on top while we can still do what we do.” According to the report that the album has already sold more than 100 million album. Kiss recently has two original members that includes guitarist Paul Stanley and Simmons as the singer. Drummer named Eric Singer and another guitarist named Tommy Thayer.

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