Kerry Washington is back for the new play “American Son”

Actress Kerry Washington is now back for the new play “American Son”. Ms Washington is popular for her Emmy-nominated character on television series “Scandal”. The four-role series is a limited engagement that was set in a police station in Florida in which a father and mother are looking for an information about their missing son. According to the report that the film was written by Christopher Demos-Brown.

According to the stars who are involved on the film that “American Son” has a meaningful conversation about love, identity and race. Washington said in an interview:“I think it gives you a lot of perspectives,”“One of my hopes is that when people leave the theater, not only that they’re talking about the play with each other, but that they find themselves walking in somebody else’s shoes.” It has been reported that previously she appeared during Broadway in year 2009 in the David Mamet play “Race”. Washington was the star in “Scandal” on the ABC broadcast network for 7 seasons as a political fixer Olivia Pope. According to the report that the play has ended its run last April. Demos-Brown said in a statement: “I wrote it around the time of the Tamir Rice incident and the Eric Garner incident. Those – the Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Philando Castile incident – really, kind of were the ones that were in the back of my mind”

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