Chris Pine used a Scottish accent for the Netflix action drama “Outlaw King”

Chris Pine the actor of “Star Trek” puts on Scottish accent for the historical drama “Outlaw King” in which Pine plays 14th century rebel warrior Robert the Bruce who battled the English in order to attain control of his homeland. Chris Pine is popular for portraying Captain Kirk in the sci-fi saga. Chris Pine used a Scottish accent for the said characters. Considering a national hero in Scotland, the king of scots from year 1306 was Robert the Bruce until he died in year 1329.

Chris Pine has talked about the movie and said: “It’s certainly about Scottish independence,” “But I think … it’s about love, it’s about relationships, it’s about violence, it’s about the cost of the violence, it’s about man’s will to power and be in power and what one is willing to do to get it.” According to the report that the historical movie was premiered first at the Toronto Film Festival last September and set to be released next week. Many fans took to social media and expressed their excitement. A user named @DuncanMcCready said: Been waiting for the Outlaw King trailer for ages. Chris Pine’s accent doesn’t actually make me want to fill my ears with cement, like I expected #Outlaw King. Another user also named @scifisunsets said: Christ almighty I am here for #Outlaw King and I take back everything I may have thought about Chris Pine’s Scottish accent, dude is family now, come away in pal kettle’s on. According to a source that the trailer of the movies gives the fans plenty to get excited about.

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